Thursday, August 03, 2006



ILL-NOIZE fuses ancient traditions with the movement and expression of today’s urban arts culture. The highlight is the “culture clash” where dancers from a variety of backgrounds “battle,” or compete against each other.

RED-NOIZE is a collaboration with several Chicago-area organizations like Kuumba Lynks, South West Youth Collaborative, University of Hip Hop, Alternatives, Youth Net, Chicago Tribe, Synergy and Oakland, Calif.-based Ground Affects to bring dance, art, poetry, music and deejaying to youth on Native American reservations.

Urban Roots (Little Village-Lawndale High School) creates opportunities for youth to express themselves through art and culture bringing youth leaders from the community to share their knowledge and talents in art, music, dance, poetry and ceremony. Our students will then have an opportunity to share what they’ve learned with their community.

Rites of Passage is meant as an alternative to what society expects youth to experience. Instead of demeaning acts like hazing with fraternities and sororities, it’s a time of solitude for youth and allows them to look deep within themselves. It’s a time for them to seek that vision of what they can do to help themselves, contribute to their families, and their friends and their communities. In the Native American Lakota culture of South Dakota, it is known as “Hanblechia,” or the vision quest, a time for self-reflection and development.


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